STYRENCRET, it is a material used as aggregate for the manufacture of lightweight concrete, based on polystyrene spheres expanded coated with an aggregate STC-STYRENCRET which function is to allow a good adhesion between the polystyrene spheres and the cement paste, as well as homogeneous distribution obtaining a lightweight concrete, with excellent thermal and acoustic properties.


  • FLOORS AND SLABS LEVELING: In buildings, bed room, reconstruction of buildings in which it is require a minimun increase of charge, leveling or stuffed with roofs, firm, etc.
  • COMPRESSION LAYERS: On joist and beam systems, metal decking, lightened slab systems with coffered ceiling of polystyrene or block, in systems with panels of either polystyrene and polyurethane, etc.
  • Concrete PRECAST: Slabs, walls, panels, block and hollow bricks larger than the common, but more lighter and faster installation.