Sebastian Herkner designed Das Haus 2016, the home of the future.

The house proposes Sebastian Herkner is “a sensual experience-a house that is soft and aromatic, colorful and communicative , and is able to change its shape like a chameleon”.

A transparent roundabout. Visitors from the IMM Cologne found that this year when they go to Das Haus, the ‘interior movement’ that brings together the latest trends in design showing the German fair. Responsible for creating this home of the future has been the most innovative aspect of the Teutonic country: Sebastian Herkner.

The design is inspired by the yurt of rural China, saving considerable distances: these traditional ways not reflected inside colorful, transparent or opaque accessories, industrial textiles and luxurious curtains; This design also invited to seek, get, feel, communicate with others instead of providing protection against wind and weather, the sun and prying eyes.

Das Haus is therefore a space that invites them to be visited and share experiences inside, referencing creations Guest of Honor of IMM 2016: more open and free to live a way, away from the isolation that leads life today. It has thus created an “onion-like” architecture, with a skylight in the ceiling, filled with curtains, which reveals the light and abroad. Therefore the main sponsor is the Nya Nordiska textiles manufacturer.

The interior of the house is dominated by textiles and patterns, artificial lighting and light that filters through them. The furniture combines selected by Sebastian Herkner as each edition pieces designed by himself with some of his favorites. The bedrooms and bathroom break roundness, semitransparent occupying cubes.

Some of the chosen products include a collection of outdoor furniture Dedon, a room divider Rosenthal, chair of Linteloo Octopus and lighting, design objects that give a freer idea of ​​being a comfortable and attractive.