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STYRENCRET, is a material used as aggregate for making lightweight concrete, based on polystyrene beads expanded coated with an STC- STYRENCRET additive whose function is to ensure a good bond between the polystyrene beads and the cement paste and a obtaining a homogeneous distribution lightweight concrete with excellent thermo-acoustic properties.


  • Weight reduction : can weigh up to a fifth of the weight of traditional concrete , as a result reducing sections of the structural elements.
  • Excellent thermal properties.
  • Excellent acoustic properties.
  • Fireproof.
  • Waterproof.
  • Not Toxic.
  • No transmitted vibration.
  • Excelent impact resistance.
  • Not attacked by rats, insects or mushrooms.
  • It can be nailed, drilled, atornillar, and worked with traditional tools.


  • Leveling floors and slabs: in buildings, houses room , reconstruction of buildings in which minimal increase in load leveling or filling of roofs ,firm required, etc.
  • Compression layers: en sistemas de vigueta y bovedilla, losacero system coffer slab lightened with polystyrene or block, in systems with panels either polystyrene or polyurethane, etc.
  • Precast concrete : < / span > slabs, walls , panels, slabs and block larger than common , but lighter and faster placement.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation : in all the work in where excellent thermal and acoustic properties as may be required if: refrigerators, in extreme climates buildings, hotels, hospitals.
  • Remodeling existing buildings:buildingsin general where it is very important not to load more structures making it a considerable savings there is no need to reinforce the foundations or structures.
  • Construction of marine works:makingfloating platforms ,docks, etc. It is excellent in elements that are in direct contact with moisture or salt water .