Micro Fibercon
Micro Fibercon

MicroFibercon Plus

MICROFIBERCON PLUS belongs to a new generation of fibers that are designed as secondary reinforcement for concrete and mortar , reduces plastic shrinkage cracking in fresh concrete and hardened concrete temperature , now it includes major advantage that translates into economic benefits.

With other fibers design slightly affected, reducing it to 2-3 cm , this means having to add a greater amount of additive, the fibers MicroFibercon PlusNo slump reduces!. In addition the fibers MicroFibercon Plus increase the strength of concrete!, avoiding expenses additional cement which results in an economic benefit.

This new generation of fibers are the efforts of many years of work and as always in Dificonsa are at the forefront in the manufacture of products of the highest quality and technology so that we have a patent that supports the effort we made everyday.



Plastic Concrete:

  • No reduce el revenimiento de diseño.
  • Reduces plastic shrink cracking.
  • Reduces the segregation.
  • Reduce el agua de sangrado.
  • Es un refuerzo tridimensional en comparación con el bidimensional de la malla electrosoldada.
  • Al no necesitar agregar aditivo adicional para mantener el revenimiento genera un menor gasto económico.

Harden Concrete:

  • Increase Concrete strength.
  • Reduces the cracking because of the temperature.
  • Increases resistance to bending.
  • Increases the durability of the surface.
  • Increases the impact resistance.
  • By increasing the strength of concrete a saving cement is obtained.