Flat Dowel

Flat Dowel

Flat Dowel is a system which purpose is to transfer the loads on the joints of the floors and concrete paving, offering both greater economic and technical advantages in comparison with the system based on a round dowel bars that usually need to be greased, drill the shoring system, perfectly align, etc.

Flat Dowel in addition to providing a correct alignment, ensures free movement of the concrete slabs.

The Flat Dowel System consists of a high-density plastic sheath, which does not compress due to vertical load, and a metal plate that is inserted inside the plastic sheath, whose primary function is to allow the metal plate to slide. , plus it does not interfere with charge transfer.

With the Flat Dowel System there is no need to drill the formwork, or having to be aligning the bars as in the case of the round dowel. In addition the Flat Dowel system allows a greater spacing being equivalent in ability to load than the conventional round dowel.


  • It guarantees faster installation and perfect alignment.
  • Eliminates the drilling of the formwork and placement of dowel rods, which must be perfectly aligned as well as greased so that they do not adhere to the concrete.1
  • Insures a correct transfer of loads, allowing also a free movement between the slabs when the concrete expands and shrinks.2
  • Eliminates cracks produced as a result of misalignment of the round dowels.
  • Provides a more efficient use of Steel and reduces costs considerably.
  • As it does not require drilling the shoring system can be reused several times.


  • 1/4″
  • 3/8″