Fibercon Microfibra

Fibercon Microfibra

Fibercon Microfibra

It is a polypropylene fiber in the form of multifilaments (loose fibers), specifically designed as secondary reinforcement in concrete and mortars , whose main purpose is to reduce cracking due to plastic shrink in the fresh state and temperature in hardened condition of the concrete.


Plastic Concret :

  • Reduces plastic shrink cracking.
  • Reduces segregation.
  • Reduces water bleeding.
  • It is a three-dimensional reinforcement compared to the two-dimensional welded mesh.

Harden Concret :

  • Reduces cracking temperature.
  • Reduces permeability.
  • Increases resistance to bending. (being substantially greater than the modules of rupture )
  • Increases resistance to direct tension.
  • Increases shear strength and torsión.
  • Increases impact resistance.

Others :

  • Reduce the cost of placement, compared to the reinforced concreted with electowelded wire mesh.
  • Allows to unmold more quickly.
  • Easy to use, as it can be added to the mixing of concrete in any movement, wheter it is in the concrete batcher or in the mixing pot when arrive to the construction work.
  • It gets a clean and polished surface (fluff-free); unlike of other fibers that by their form (fibrillited)doesnt get disperse so easy and left the surface completely free of fluff.


It is important to mention that in DIFICONSA we care about delivering the highest quality products there to be deliver. For this reason we put our fibers through rigorous analysis, thus, our clients can always have certainty on knowing that that the products that they are using comply with all standards and specifications that the industry requires, such as the “Fibers analysis” (same which it can be downloaded) where it can be seeing that our materials are fabricated from 100% virgin material and not from residues from plastics materials.

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