Fibercon Acero

Fibercon Acero

Metallic fiber for concrete reinforcement.

Fibercon Steel

FIBERCON STEEL are fibers produced from low carbon wire with high tensile strength, cut in different measurements and their form is very important in order to create a better anchoring and development to strengthen the concrete. The FIBERCON STEEL fibers were designed to replace the welded mesh and even the ones used on pavement or floors made with bars. This results more economic as you save all the procedures with steel or the installation of welded mesh etc. this increases production a 30%.

The strengthened concrete with FIBERCON STEEL can bear a major load before any cracks show up (point C) and it will continue to support more deflection before the beam is broken, turning a brittle material into a more ductile one.


  • Industrial floors and warehouses.
  • Steel slab-systems.
  • Precast Elements.
  • Pavements for airports or to support heavy loads.
  • Covers for bridges.
  • Seismic applications.
  • Refractories.
  • On Shotcrete for: tunnels, mine,ports, tunnels establishments, etc.


  • Increases the resistance to the cracking caused by plastic shrinkage or settlement.
  • Increases ductility of concrete.
  • Increases resistance to stress.
  • Increases resistance to static bending.
  • Post cracking (strength).
  • Increases resistance to shear.
  • Increases resistance to torsion.
  • Increases resistance to impact and chipping.
  • It is a three-dimensional reinforcement different to the conventional welded mesh reinforcement or bar.