Our story began over 25 years ago when we took on the task of innovating products in Mexico for the construction in which nobody believed. Distributor of fibers for building was founded in 1989 with the firm intention of creating new technologies but more specifically to create a new ideology in the construction industry


One of the tasks we began at that time was to change the mindset of a reluctant market to innovation and change. ¿Who would think a tiny polypropylene fiber could replace together the strength and toughness of the steel? NO ONE. While it was not an easy task we can proudly say that it was that perseverance and dedication which made ​​us believe that our company could be the trigger for a change not only for us but for our environment.


It has been more than 25 years and our family of products has grown considerably, our polypropylene fibers require more and more demands of a market hungry for new technologies, because of that we have created a new family of fibers, we are sure that this will mark a new trend in the world of the construction. It has not been easy but we can be sure that every of our products carry the same essence in which we have been working over the years, to create a new ideology in the construction industry. (As it is and as we have doing since the year of 1989)







Our evolution through the years: