23 million pesos invested to expand medical infrastructure

23 million pesos invested to expand medical infrastructure

With an investment of 23.5 million pesos, the Ministry of Health , through the National Commission for Social Protection in Health , better known as Seguro Popular ( CNPSS ) , launched infrastructure projects in San Luis Potosi for the benefit of more than 25,000 inhabitants , said the National Commissioner for Health , Gabriel J. O’Shea Cuevas.

According to information from a statement during a working tour of the state, Cuevas O’Shea endorsed the commitment to strengthen the coordinated efforts of the Federal and state governments to boost efforts and resources to ensure that the population of the scarce resources access to quality health care.

Accompanied by the governor, Juan Manuel Carreras Lopez, and Secretary of State Health Monica Liliana Rangel Martinez, the National Commission opened the Health Center ” Juan Sarabia ” in the municipality of Ciudad Valles , which meant an investment of 12 million 643 thousand pesos.

Right there delivered in new Health Center “Ciudad Fernández ,” which replaces the old facilities , at a cost of 11.07 million pesos and will benefit 12,961 people in the area .

In the opening ceremony, Cuevas O’Shea said both units provide various medical services such as gynecology, family planning, preventive medicine, oral hydration, healing, somatometry , dentistry and general consultation.

The National Commissioner reported that these works will enable to access to health care and the poor people most in need, since priority is to provide timely and quality for beneficiaries of Seguro Popular attention.

In an opportunity, the governor of San Luis recognized the work of Dr. Cuevas O’Shea leading the CNPSS , noting efforts to strengthen health infrastructure in San Luis Potosi, as this is appropriate and timely medical care guaranteed.