Hyundai will raise the second tallest building in Korea

The construction of the building of 105 floors and 553 meters high to begin in early 2017 and is expected to end in 2021 .

Hyundai Motor will build over the coming years in Seoul a skyscraper of 105 floors and 553 meters high, which is the second highest in South Korea.

South Korean auto giant will begin in early 2017 to construct the building in the upscale Gangnam district after obtaining licenses and expected to be completed in 2021, he told EFE a spokesman for the company.

The skyscraper construction plan already has the approval of the City of Seoul after analyzing its impact on the environment.

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The new building will be built at the Global Business Center (GBS), an area of ​​920,000 square meters located on land acquired by Hyundai in September 2014 to a record price of 10.5 billion of wones (7,680 million euros).

The future tower will have 40 floors of offices and hotels, plus exhibition halls, convention centers, performance venues, retail spaces and two viewpoints on floors 104 and 105.

Interestingly they separated just two meters above the highest building in South Korea, the Lotte World Tower -raised by Korean-Japanese conglomerate of the same name, with 555 meters and 123 floors, located east of the future tower Hyundai and whose construction has not yet been completed.