Rams Stadium in Los Angeles would be the most expensive in the world

With an area of ​​288,000 square meters, it will also become the largest venue in the NFL.

Rams return to play Los Angeles, after the NFL on Tuesday approved the return of the franchise, but they will not at any stage, but a new one with capacity for 80,000 spectators, who would become the world’s most expensive and the cornerstone of a multipurpose entertainment district and 120 hectares of the NFL.

Development in Inglewood, a few kilometers from the center of the city, will cost an estimated 2,600 million, 1,000 million dollars more than the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, home of the New York Jets, currently the site more expensive sports league and the world, as reported by CNN on Tuesday.

Stan Kronke, owner of the Rams, has announced an estimated cost of 1,860 million; However, the Los Angeles Times, citing officials and NFL officials anonymous, reported that the cost could reach 2,660 million. The New York Times and other media have put the value close to 3,000 million.