The stadium project for HOK Sport Tiger wants to revive

The design, originally introduced in 2008 , looked to have capacity for 75,000 spectators and dimensions to host football matches.

The draft Monterrey International Stadium, presented by firms HOK Sport Arquitecture and ISG in April 2008 , could be taken up by the Tigers at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL) for the construction of its new headquarters , according to reports means.

The building, which at the time required an investment of 3,000 million pesos, would accommodate 75,000 spectators, dimensions for football and athletics track insert, and a structure for various shows.

It would also include a hotel, a shopping center, theme park, convention center and parking for 9,000 vehicles.
The stadium would be located on a bridge in the bed of the Rio Santa Catarina, connected between the Fundidora Park and park Spain, separated by the Constitution and Morones Prieto avenues in Monterrey campuses.