Picasso studio to award Tripadvisor hotel: The Serras.

Harmonize past and present was a challenge , since the hotel is located in one of the first studies of Pablo Picasso.

Here is one the best kept secrets of Barcelona : The Serras , stylish and discreet boutique hotel overlooking the Port Vell of Barcelona. This five star deluxe hotel , located on the seafront of Barcelona , has just been awarded the Spain in global awards deTripadvisor 2016 , a total of 7 awards hotel. Here are their arguments.

Thanks to its location , The Serras is an excellent hiding place. Its interior , designed by Eva Martínez , had the priority of maintaining the spirit of the modernist period and , at the same time , create a radically cosmopolitan and modern atmosphere.

Eva Martinez has devised a discreet and modern decor where history, art and pleasure sedan hand. All this recreates an atmosphere of casual and upscale luxury.

For this, the interior has taken advantage of the large windows , light and clarity from the outside to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of the current New York style, on the one hand and on the other Catalan romantic classicism.

Its cosmopolitan , cool and eclectic interior design fusing historic Barcelona with the most modern . For this purpose , natural colors , wood and iron harmonize each space with hydraulic modernist mosaics.

The Mediterranean breeze conquer its 30 spacious, elegant and comfortable rooms across the balconies, offering spectacular views of the seafront of Barcelona.

Thanks to a clever use of natural light, the project can be defined as 100% Mediterranean . Light that filters through linens, woods, irons , hydraulic mosaics , mirrors, and other , always omnipresent noble materials projects Eva Martinez.

In short, The Serras a single , discreet and exclusive luxury breathe . A perception that their guests just reward in the Travellers’ Choice 2016 , promoted by the web advisor.