Cuernavaca inaugurates a new shopping center

Estimated private investment of 3,750,000 millions of pesos for 49 thousand square km .

Proarquitectura and Ares Arquitectos 3,750,000 invested millions of pesos in the development of a new shopping center in Cuernavaca.

On 25 January, the company laid the foundation stone of this new development called Averanda , which will have 49,000 square meters of construction , 10 thousand square meters of corporate offices and 180 departments will be on presale from March 2016 , and a hotel with 250 rooms. The construction of this new shopping center will generate 4,500 permanent jobs.

The governor of Morelos , Graco Ramirez, said the investment shows that the state is safe .

“On Monday we got the news that Cuernavaca ceased to be among the 50 least safe cities in the world , this thanks to our police the single command “he said.
The Averanda mall will feature 3,000 parking spaces and is projected to generate an economic impact of 1,200 million of pesos each year.
The new real estate development ; It will become the most important Morelos broker and start-up an alternate route for transiting daily 115,000 cars will be built. Developers expect to conclude this work in 2017 .

The development of shopping centers is the most dynamic activities in the real estate sector.

In 2015, 20 centers opnened in the country, an aggregate of 708,000 square meters of commercial area opened profitable , according to CBRE .