Submerged Tunnel constructed in Veracruz, a work of higher technology and complexity

With the construction of the immersed tunnel had been modernized state of Veracruz

With the construction of the immersed tunnel Veracruz state is modernized, it is the work of higher technology and complexity that places the height of the best cities in the world to the port of Coatzacoalcos, so said Javier Duarte, governor of the state, by making a tour monitoring.

He said that’s the vision, strategy and commitment that was established at the beginning of his administration: to provide the tools to incorporate the new era Veracruz, Veracruz thereby strengthen their growth. This effort capitalizes on a unique work of its kind in Latin America.
Accompanied by representatives of the media, he said the tunnel means the possibility of further growth and development as well as attracting investment to the southern region of the state, which will be the largest beneficiary of the Energy Reform.

“We are sustaining the growth and development in terms of jobs, economy, welfare and growth for thousands of Veracruz settled in the area south of Veracruz.”
In this regard, the president said that in the near future will open the first port terminal in the north of the state, in the port of Tuxpan, in addition to the completion of the breakwater that is included in the first stage of the expansion of the Port from Veracruz.