Chiapas allocates more than 77 million pesos for education infrastructure in the northern region

The government headed by Manuel Velasco Coello in Chiapas , through the Institute of Physical Educational Infrastructure in the State of Chiapas ( Inifech ) , announced an investment of 77 million 286 thousand pesos , same as this year will be distributed for the benefit of students of basic and upper northern region of the state levels.

The purpose of the government of Velasco Coello is to promote quality education and make it available to new generations of students, through more and better educational infrastructure, the agency said it has held meetings with municipal authorities in the region and members of the Chamber of Deputies, to add wills in favor of educational development.

Thus, the Inifech noted that during 2016, 89 projects will be implemented in educational infrastructure, 88 of them aimed at the basic level with an investment of 62 million 210 thousand pesos, and one more for the top level, for the benefit the Pichucalco campus of the Autonomous University of Chiapas (UNACH), where 15 million 76 thousand pesos will be invested.

The head of the agency said the governor Manuel Velasco is committed to education and improve educational spaces of the 122 municipalities of the state, so he instructed invest resources in this area and the northern region is an example.

Notably, the government of Manuel Velasco has recognized the synergy with the state Congress for managing projects for the development of the population, and the support of the Federation, which has allowed the implementation of numerous actions that have triggered the improvement, rehabilitation and construction of educational spaces.

The municipalities benefit from this investment are Pichucalco, Reforma, Chapultenango, Ixhuatán, Ostuacán, Solosuchiapa, Juarez, Ixtacomitán, Amatán, Ixtapangajoya and Sunuapa