Cemex reactive the railroad of Cuernavaca

90 kilometers of railway rehabilitated to unite Veracruz, Puebla , Morelos and the State of Mexico ; the project includes the construction of an intermodal terminal in Cuautla.

Three factors reactivate rail Cuernavaca : the Cemex cement production at its plant having within the limits of Puebla and Morelos ; producing 1,300 vehicles a day leaving the Nissan plant in Cuernavaca ; and 8,000 tons of grain to produce the Malta Cleyton Group Yecapixtla , Morelos.

The Government is working with Cemex UN Project to develop intermodal freight terminal, will allow us to reactivate the train said to a CNNExpansión, the governor of Morelos, Graco Ramirez. SEVERAL son added that companies established in the Bank who are in Interested How to use rail services , as this would drive down their cost of transportation.

“They are recovering nine kilometers route in Morelos, which disuse were shattered. In addition , another 81 kilometers, which will give us the rail connectivity with the State of Mexico, Puebla and Veracruz are reconditioned” said Juan Carlos Salgado Ponce, head of the Ministry of Economy of the Government of Morelos.

The state official said the railway project will involve an investment of 185 million pesos , plus 60 million for the construction of the terminal for loading and unloading of goods, located in the Industrial Park of the town of Cuautla.

By 2016, investments in the country are estimated at $ 900 million by the concession companies train, Iker Luisa , director general of the Mexican Association of Railroads (AMF) said.

“Railways have grown at double the economy over the 19 -year concession to the private sector. While GDP growth was 2 %, the rail industry has increased 4%”, said the manager. Cross-border freight to the United States, he added, for the first time exceeded 1,000 billion dollars worth of goods during 2015.