Polyurethane self–leveling sealants

Why do you need to use a polyurethane self-leveling sealants?


They are done with polyurethane and especially designed to seal joints and cracks with strong movements and moderate in walls, cisterns, concrete joints and prefabricated elements.

Amongst the essential characteristics in this kind of sealants we find: that it offers an excellent adhesion on all types of materiales, such as: concrete, wood, asbestos, cement, steel, aluminum, glass, among others. It can be painted; they last longer and resist weather, and elastic in some of its varieties are in addition cure in contact with moisture from the air which forms a seal resistant elastic and easy application, self-leveling.



  • To seal horizontal expansion joints over the surface
  • To seal concrete slabs.
  • To seal floors, road, sidewalks, slabs.
  • To seal cracks



  • Self- Leveling
  • Easy Application
  • Permanent Elasticity.
  • Adheres to most substrates.
  • High resistance to weathering and aging.
  • Do not drain in vertical joints, or over head.
  • It resists to continuous inmersion in water. (Once it is vulcanized)
  • It resists to the detergents and disinfectants actions.
  • It forms a waterproof seal.



Meet with the Norma ASTM C – 920, class 25 NS Type