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Backer Rod

What is the Backer Rod?

The Backer Rod is a compressible, non-absorbent material that is inserted into a joint to control the depth of the sealant in order to create a space that allows the correct amount of sealant to be placed, in addition to isolating the bottom of the negative effects of temperature variations , as well as moisture inside the joint cavity.

It contains 97% by volume of closed cells, so it does not generate gases or release air. Due to this, it recovers its original volume when compressed and can be used in joints of irregular dimensions, allowing its use in joints of various thicknesses. It has good properties of thermal and acoustic insulation and is stable at high temperatures.

Absorbs the movement of structures and expansion contraction due to changes in temperature. Keep the joint closed with air, dust, dirt, dirt, etc. Once seated, seal the joint tightly.


Composition and compatibility 

The Backer Rod is compatible with butyl compounds, polysulfide, acrylic, silicon polyurethane, and most compounds of cold sealants. The Backer Rod  is also chemically inert and resistant to oil, gasoline and most other solvents. This material does not stain or adhere to sealant materials as it does not exude.


Main uses

Among the various applications in which you can use the Backer Rod  there are:


Prefabricated elements

Door Frames

Window Frames

Glazed joints

Floor slabs in general

Wall joints

Expansion and contraction joints

Floor joints

Installation of windows and doors

Construction joints

Highway joints

Parking lots joints

Insulation joints

Temporary joints


It is important to mention that the Backer Rod  meets the ASTM D-5249 norm.